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Radiant Concepts, Inc

Auto Title Software caters specifically to independent titling and registration offices.

The software name is Auto Title Software Short name is TSM (Title Service Manager). Here is my home page: A product of Radiant Concepts, Inc Associated with CarsPlus DMS.

Auto Title Software saves time!

The software allows operators to process title applications and print a variety of state forms. Other documents can be added as needed. Call for specifics.

It is a great program that saves operators key strokes and reduces calculation time on a variety of fees. We can customize or automate any fee calculation that is necessary in the day to day business.

Whether your customer is a Lender, Dealer, Storage Facility or the Public, TSM will help your employees provide services like a pro.
Auto Title Software is the easy and accurate way to print necessary forms and track your title service business.

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Features ...

  • Streamline vehicle titling by entering customer data once and printing applicable forms.
  • Fees for services can be automatically applied to each transaction.
  • Customizable fee descriptions and pricing for any service in your database
  • Quick and easy sales reports help track fees.
  • Save customer data to make repeat customer transactions a breeze.
  • Print professional invoices, receipts and status sheets.
  • Invoice can be printed to a #10 Envelope
  • Print mailing labels for lender, dealer, storage facility, buyer & seller
  • Pre-set each service with tasks and instructions so you can rest assured that your staff will process the correct paperwork every time.
  • Use our Target Date Manager Feature to stay on top and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Customizable Fee calculations.
  • Basic VIN decoding included.
  • Track storage dates and fees.
  • Simplified task list to take a transaction from start to finish.
  • Conveniently manage unpaid transactions.
  • We can add additional forms for your business as needed.
  • Print the entire form filled out and ready to submit.
  • Need to make a correction after filling out information? No problem, transactions can be edited as much as necessary!

  •  Texas built in forms include...
  • TX VTR-34 Application for Copy of Title
  • TX VTR-60 Replacement Title
  • TX VTR-61 Rebuilt Affidavit
  • TX 130U Application for Title
  • TX VTR-131 Application for Title Only
  • TX VTR-265-VSF Storage Lien
  • TX VTR-270 Statement of Physical Inspection
  • TX VTR-271 Power of Attorney
  • TX VTR-275 Vehicle Information Request
  • TX VTR-267 Additional Liens Statement
  • TX VTR-130-SOF Bonded Title Application
  • TX Harris County forms and more....

  • Auto Title Software

    The software can be totally customized for your business.

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    Auto Title Software

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