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  • Do you need special software for your small business?
  • Do you find most software vendors service the large corporations with huge budgets?

    We service the needs of small businesses with custom software and web-site design. We custom build software for a variety of applications meeting the  budget goals of small businesses.

     Since 1988 Radiant Concepts, Inc has successfully created management software for brick and mortar businesses. We have been involved in a variety of office custom applications for auto dealerships, attorneys, auto auctions, motor vehicle title companies, oil field trucking companies, insurance agencies and a host of other small business applications.

    Many of the businesses that came onboard in our early days are in fact, still using our products today.

    We take the time to thoroughly analyze and understand our customer's business. We develop software solutions built to their unique management plans and requirements. Plus, we've adapted our development style in conjunction with advancements in technology while supporting computer industry standards. We design all of them with the same philosophy.



    An effective system should provide reliable information in an uncomplicated and clear layout.
    Our approach is to design software that embraces the workflow.

    In-House Connectivity

    A network ready system can be an effective tool for reducing administrative costs. Quality management software allows employees to be more efficient by allowing them to work simultaneously. For example, one employee may manage collectionswhile another adds new accounts. All of this should occur with neither employee interrupting the other as far as the software is concerned.

    Reporting – Getting the Most our of Your Data

    In a highly competitive market, business analysis is a strong factor in determining success. The cost of entering and maintaining data can be significant, so being able to analyze this data is critical. Our reporting features will empower you with the ability to make informed decisions on the direction of your business.

    We have developed several web sites to market and support some of these applications.

  • Cars*Plus Software|
  • Auto Auction Software|

  • If you are planning a change in your business software or simply looking for a software solution for your business give us a call at 800-989-6096.


    Back-up your data with us.